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Department of Fine Arts


Ceramics   Drawing    Painting    Music    Jazz Studies    Dance   Film   TV Production    Audio Production    Photography    Printmaking    Southwest Folk Art     Spanish Colonial Furniture    Theater

Northern's Fine Arts Department is a vibrant community of artists, musicians, photographers, actors, writers, filmmakers, and dancers whose goal is to provide you with the opportunity to enrich your life through study of traditional fine arts and digital arts.  Learn from accomplished artists who teach because they are inspired in their own work by sharing their techniques and experiences with students.  Many of our instructors have exhibited at prestigious galleries and museums, performed on renown stages, and screened in theaters across the country.

Our programs includes art, dance, music, theatre, film, audio, spanish colonial furniture, and folk arts.  We also offer programs in Arts Entrepreneurship which are centered around the application of the fine arts as they are applied to a business setting.

With NNMC's transition from a community college to a four year institution, we are in the process of developing bachelors programs in Music, Art, and Film.  Our first Bachelors program in Jazz Studies is recently accredited and expects its first graduates in 2013.  The goal of our Associative Arts programs is to prepare you to practice your chosen art form as an artist and as an entrepreneur as well as to prepare you for entry into baccalaureate programs at four-year colleges and universities

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